FAM Wastewater Treatment

Erba Makina,yüzey işlem makinaları,mermer eskitme Makinaları,Arıtma Üniteleri,Döküm Makinaları

FAM 500 Atık Su Arıtma, Yüzey İşlem, Waste Water Treatment System, Surface Finishing
FAM Wastewater Treatments are filter cloth purification machines. Waste water comes out of the surface treatment machines and transferred to the unit work tank is sent to the filter unit under pressure. The passage of liquids through the filter is based on the inability of particles to pass. It has different sizes depending on the capacity of the particles in the wastewater. Up to 1 tonne of wastewater can be treated per hour. The system works automatically until the waste water is removed and the clean water comes out and gives a warning when the cake capacity is full.
Avaliable for surface finishing wastewater treatment
The system operates continuously and automatically
Water can be continually recycled for long period of process
Patented compact design
Filter Press
Hydraulic Unit
Sludge Tank
Flacculent Dosing Unit
Control Panel