EVP Series

Erba Makina,yüzey işlem makinaları,mermer eskitme Makinaları,Arıtma Üniteleri,Döküm Makinaları

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EVP Series machines are used for roughness removal and polishing of jewelry materials such as gold ,silver and etc. The machines in this series are suitable for almost all types of work pieces and surface quality of the workpieces is obtained in the best possible way. Thanks to high durable polyurethane lining design of working bowl, even the thinnest workpieces can be processed without sticking to the surface of the working bowl.
Rotary Vibrators | Surface Finishing Machines | Jewellery Treatment Machines | Mass Finishing for Jewellery | Deburring
Interior Wiev of Working Bowl
Water Outlet
Water Outlet-II
Transporting Lug
Dosing Pomp and Unit
Panels; Standart – Speed Control – PLC Control