ZhenLi (China) Hot Chamber Die-Casting Machine

Erba Makina,yüzey işlem makinaları,mermer eskitme Makinaları,Arıtma Üniteleri,Döküm Makinaları

[:tr]Zhenli Sıcak Kamara Metal Enjeksiyon[:en]Zhenli Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine[:]

1) Nozzle,gooseneck and melting pot are specially durable since they are made
of hot-work iron or steel.
2) Nozzle and goose neck are heated by electric heater,safety and durable.
lt keep temperature steady and avoid jamming of ozzle resulting defective products.

Central lubrication system automatically,setting up times of toggle tuming
lubricate directly.

Using hdraulic part are imported from the famous manufactory around the worlv.
lt’s reliable and assuring long working life.

Specially double proportional control system.Using special 2sets ptopottional control of flux andptessure relulting open and local clamping speed,also adjust

Made in japan fully automatic pressure jet oil bumer for light oil pressurized and low pressure firing with automatic safety device.

Water-cooling type oil cooler with high cooling efficiency can maintain stable oil temeperature.

1.Moving characteristic of double toggle,high S.G lron mould platens and CNC precious process.lt’s firm and durable.
2.Chrome tie-bars with high tensile force,it’s reliable and durable.
3.Protection mould process with low pressure ensures the safety of moulds.
4.Uses high precision electronec measure checking clamping to control it exactly.
5.Extra large space inside four tie-bars and mould open stroke can contain big moulds and deep cavity moulds.
6.The large clamping capability to realize thickness adjusting automatically.
7.Hydraulic lift clamping unit can be adjusted for injecton at centre or offset position
8.Computer hydraulic system to realize lock clamjping in 4 parts,and make sure have protective function in low pressure lock clamping.


1.Piston type accumulator with a horizontal connection unit ensures lower pressure wastage and fast reaction.lt realize fell speed and long life time,using steadily and xonvenient amendment.
2.Special new idea for two stages injection,and scale control the slowly injection.lt uses digital control spees to fit high quality casting production.


1.Lndependent electric box and holistic electric box for choosing and ensure easy arrangement from customers.
2.False intelligentized computer control to remember all the act data for convenient operating and checking.
3.Uaing high resolution and clear LCD Screen which can show Chinese and English,also the display language can convert freely between English andChinese as to the user requirements.
4.Enlarged memoryh can store 120 sets mould information,like time,counting number,speed,pressure,travel ltroke,mold thickness and choice condition.
5.With the function of computer hardware checking itself to ring if it’s fault.It’s convenient for checking the machines’ problem.
6.Imput and output checking function,also with LCD indicator.
7.Uses high precision electronic measure checking clamping,the position control actually to0.1MM.
8.Record production time,production quantity and finished quantity automatically,also stop automatically.

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