Servo Cold Chamber Machine

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Energy-saving servo technology is a breakthrough in the field of casting machine hydraulic drive. Thanks to the double closed loops of the drivers, we can use the servo driver to quickly change the speed to realize the flow change accordingly. Besides, the pressure can be adjusted automatically through the output of different torques, which helps to achieve high accuracy, high response and good effect.

Main features:

The energy saving rate of each shot is very high, 40%-70% higher than traditional machines.

The servo system can respond quickly and the pressure change from 0% to 100% can reach 30ms, which can increase productivity by 5% or 12%.

The servo system can lower the hydraulic temperature and then reduce the cooling water usage by 30%, which can extend the working life of hydraulic parts, make noise and improve your working environment.

Water Cooled Type Hydraulic Servo System:

 Cooling Method – Adaptable and Friendly to the Environment ZLC-500 Oil Cooled Type Servo Pump Servo Control System
The flow of a single pump is between 8L/min and 500L/min.

The biggest pressure is between 70bar and 350bar.

The system provides comprehensive pressure and flow groups.

It meets the requirements of designers in all areas of life.


Air Cooled Type Hydraulic Servo System

 Cooling Method -High Efficiency and Good Appearance ZLC-220 Air Cooled Type Servo Pump


Servo Driven System

Single Pump Servo Driven System

Double Pump Servo Driven System


Single Pump Double Pump Motor
Pressure Sensor Driver Reactance Brake
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