Real-Time Cold Chamber Machine

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Zhenli is one of the enterprises which can apply real-time control technology to die casting machines. In addition to the curve display function, Zhenli"s well developed embedded real-time control system is also equipped with big- flow electrohydraulic valves, which can feedback the injection speed precisely. The provision of injection speed control curve in different phases, constant acceleration function in low-speed phase, brake function in fast injection phase, all those can provide customers with powerful die casting machines with advanced technology. And my die casting machines can satisfy all kinds of production of casting

The Principle of the Real-time Control


Perfect Injection Performance of the Real-time Control System

Greatly improve tracking accuracy and stability.

Upgraded servo valve and integrated control circuit, and stable operation.

Added troubleshooting function.

Upgraded signal feedback system can extend the working life of components.

The real-time function can be “ON” or “OFF”.

Multiple solutions to unstable inlet pressure.

More monitoring parameters, and improved quality management function.


Main Features:

The constant acceleration in the slow-speed phase can be achieved, which can reduce the air in the melting fumace, and improve the quality of castings greatly.

Under the control of the close loop, real-time control can be also achieved in the high-speed phase, which can make injection process flexible and can help solve all kinds of filling problems.

Taking advantage of the real time close loop control, the system can reduce the speed when filling nearly comes to the end. Therefore, the flash problem can solved and working life can be lengthened.

The close loop control system can reduce the impact which the extemal factors make on the injection speed so as to improve repetition and the quality of the castings.

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