Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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Zhenli Soğuk Kamara Metal Enjeksiyon

The die casting machine structure adopts 3-pull rod or C-shaped bracket plus hydraulic elevator device and satisfies requirements for moulds.

The elaborately designed shot system adopts independent high grade plunger 2-speed and pressure charging energy accumulator,and can provide highly efficient pressure charging in 2-speed shot speed and high response.

The injection system is equipped with large diameter logic valves and precise flow control valves,improes injection response,decreases oil pressure vibration and provides precise 4-stage shot adjustment.

Adopts high and low pressure twin pump with high performance and low noise,saves energy cnsumption and improves production efficiency

Adopts automatic concentrated lubrication system,directly sets lubrication for times of machine operation and improves service life of the machine and decreases repair.

The planetary wheel system adopts oil motor to krive the gear mould adjusting machine structure which is easy to operate;owns intelligent automatic mould adjusting program,precisely calculates the mould locations,which is convenient for mould replacing and improves efficiency.

The hydraulic ejector is cnvenient for control with adjustable ejecting speed.

The hydraulic main system adopts double proportional control,which is convenient for adjusting the pressure and speed of every movement in the operation.Theoutlay precise suction filter ensures the hydraulic system of cleanness and decreases weariness of the hydraulic components.

Appliances control:
.Adopts precise artificial intelligent compjuter control,can control and superrvise the data and status of every movement,whech is convenient for operation and maintenance.
.The large screen LCD monitor can realize conversion between Chinese and English.
.Its powerful memory can store 100 sets of moulding data,such as the time,times,speed,pressure,traveling distance,mould thickness,options,etc.
.Has self-check and alarm functions to failures of computer hardware,and display function of mechanical failures,which is convenient for mechanical failure removal.
.Mould closing adopts high precision E-ruler jpositioning test,which can control the precise distance to 0.1mm.

Automatic ladle machine

Liquid is feed stably and precisely and the operation is convenient.
Precisely stops the liquid injecting location; single-armed liquid feeding with stable liquid amount and lower defective rate of the finished products.
The time and speed can be set exteriorly and adjusted easily

Releasing agent mixer

  • Conducts automatic and continuous manufacturing and transportation, precise dilution multiples: the motor conducts automatic mixing without precipitation and with high cleanness.
  • Can improve quality and productive efficiency of the casting, extend service life of the mould, saves the source, materials and manpower

Plunger lubrication unit

  • Used for periodical lubrication of the injection plunger.
  • Can be selected single and multiple periodical material lubrication for each mould closing.

Automatic spraying machine

  • With unique design for the return circuit, with even atomization and good effect.
  • The spray amount is controlled by the time and flow valve, with easy adjustment.

Melting furnace

  • Three type melting furnaces are available,  electric, natural gas and fueled oil are optional.

Automatic fetch machine

  • Its arms can 90 degrees rotate but not affect the mould replacing space.
  • The picking location points are accurate and the picking diameter can be adjusted with actual size of the casting.
  • Can select the arm advancing waiting function, accelerate the picking speed and improve manufacturing speed of the finished products.

Automatic lubrication device for injection plunger

  • Oil or water lubricant oil are applicable.

Tiltable melted metal preparation furnace

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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