Cold Chamber Die-Casting Equipments

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Peripheral Equipment of cold

To save manpower and improve productivity, Zhenli is dedicated to the development of all kinds of peripheral equipment,and has designed lots of latest and reliable devices




Single-Arm Ladle Machine

Pouring capacity is stable and precise; it is eas ly operated.

The ladle can be stopped at a very precise position; in single arm model, the molten metal volume is stable, so as to reduce defective products.

Time and speed can be set and ad usted easily.

Five-Point-Linkage Type Auto Ladle Machine

In five linkages structure, this ladle machine is driven by double gears, stable an efficient.

The arm can be stopped smoothly even when working at a high speed.

Controlled separately bu inverters,easily operated.

The electrical components are controlled by PLC, and are equipped with an alarm system.

Vertical Type Auto Sprayer

In a simple and durable structure.

Has a good effect of spray, especially for the thin parts.

You can adjust parameters independently.

Has a good function of avoiding falling-down.

Controlled by PLC, equipped with alarm system, easy for maintenance.

Four-Point-linkage Type Auto Sprayer

With a unique design and a good effect of sprayer.

Sprayer volume is decided by time and flow valve,and can be adjusted easily.

The steel-tube design helps you adjust the sprayer freely.

Servo Sprayer

Totally automatic working,and perfect match with the die casting machine.

X-axis and Y-axis are driven by servo,precise, flexible and fast.

Equipped with automatic lubrication system,which can reduce maintenance and prolong its working life.

Nozzles are also servo.

Auto Extractor

Its arm can rotate 90 degree,which leaves enough space for mold change.

The picking point is precise,and the hand diameter can be set according to the size of castings.

You can choose such functions as arm forward,which can raise the fetching speed and improve productivity.

Servo Extractor

The arm is in four-link structure,and the main arm is driven by servo motor.

The body angle can be adjusted,to make the extractor parallel to the tie bars.

The exquisite design and enclosed structure are convenient for clean and maintenance.

Releasing Agent Mixer

Can work and convey mixed liquid automatical ly and continually.

Can release agents effectively motor can stir the liquid automatically, no precipitate.

Can improve casting quality and productivity, so as to prolong the working life of the mold and save energy.

Plunger Particle Machine

Is used for plunger lubrication periodically.

You can select single or mutiple lubrication for the plunger.

Feeding volume can be adjusted as desired.

Hydraulic Trimming Machine

Equipped with a unique high and low pressure hydraulic system.

Fall down at a high speed.

The pressure time of low speed can be adjusted.

Has a high security system.

Mold Temperature Controller

In the special design of thermal exchange module and a standard heating way.

Cooling unit group can be changed in the from of tube.

Heating tubes are controlled by microcomputer,and accuracy can reach ±5℃.

Keeps the temperature of mold stable and prolongs its working life.

Melting Furnaces

There are three types of furnace for your choice,namely electricity,natural gas and diesel oil.

Tiltable Centralized Melting Furnace


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